Leaside Turned Parts Ltd rated excellent for quality and delivery

February 17th 2014

We at Leaside Turned Parts are keen to ensure that it’s customers walk away with a smile after using our services. We find it helpful to periodically obtain feed back from our customers on such things as quality, deliveries, lead times, communication and also their over all perception of our service.

In a recent survey our customers gave us top marks for quality and deliveries. This is a great reflection on the effort our staff put towards customer satisfaction, their ability to do what the customer requires and not to promise what cannot be achieved.

We also obtained top marks for the overall perception of our service, which is also pleasing to us. Lead times were good as well with 55% rating us as excellent and 45% rating us as good.

Although this feedback is great we know we must continue to try to improve further to ensure our customers remain highly satisfied with our service.

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